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Your trees are a valuable asset. They take years to grow. They provide many different advantages, such as shade on hot summer days and fruits from a fruit tree. Knot Just Trees can help you to take proper care of your trees.

Get proper pruning by an experienced, certified professional.
It only takes one time improperly trimming a tree to do irreparable damage. You can trust the experienced professionals at Knot Just Trees to properly prune and care for your tree.

Don’t cause future damage by topping it.
When a tree is cut straight across to reduce its height, this is called topping. This causes many small branches to sprout. These weak branches grow vigorously, quickly regaining the height that was trimmed. Because these branches are weaker, they are more susceptible to storm damage.

When your tree is trimmed properly, it can reduce the size of the crown and the size of the tree without causing damage. It allows more light to the lower branches. This helps your tree’s health, and helps it fill out and look better.

Do you need quality tree care for your home?